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  Dog Training 

We are a licensed Designated Dog Training Area

We offer training for any age dog in obedience, basic agility, bird and field work, and specialized behavioral issues. We also routinely participate in AKC conformation showing. Since most animal behavioral problems are derived from poor handler-dog communication, we train the owner as well as the dog.  All family members should be  involved in the training of the companion dog, and we welcome the whole family to attend  training sessions.  

 The dogs we produce excel in many areas and are trained for the show ring, obedience, and the field. 


FIELD TRAINING: Lone Ridge Kennel also specializes in training upland game bird dogs.  Our program accentuates honing the natural abilities of each dog to produce a relaxed, natural hunter that works willingly with the handler.  Our program alternates between yard work and field work sessions.  Yard work includes basic obedience and other commands such as whoa, heeling both on and off  lead, recall, basic retrieve, and fetching.  Field work includes introduction to birds, pointing, steady to wing, shot, and retrieve to hand, and honoring.  We also like to work with the owners to help them better communicate with their dog during and after training.

It typically takes a week or two to accustom the dog to the new surroundings, new daily routine, and to begin to bond with and trust the handler.  We recommend that the dogs in training stay with us for at least 4 week increments at a time. Please also remember that every dog, like humans, has a different temperament, personality, attention span, and natural ability which means that no two dogs will complete their training in the same amount of time.      



Along with monthly training, we also offer a preseason tune-up for hunting dogs that allows you to enjoy the hunt from day one and not to have to spend opening day as a review session with your dog.  This program is designed to refresh a trained dog that has had minimal to no bird contact or has not been worked during the off-season.  We will condition the dogs, run them on bird traps and planted birds, take them to areas with wild birds, and will shoot pen reared birds over the dog.  As mentioned before, this is a refresher course and we will work on minor changes to get a dog back in top form before hunting season.  Any major issues will take more than a few weeks and should be addressed with a formal training program.
Basic conditioning is provided to get dogs back in top shape before hunting season, various hunt tests, or a vacation hunting trip.  This service is offered year round and involves slowly increasing the amount a dog is exercised to produce a safely well-conditioned dog.  The dog will not be run on bird traps or on planted birds, but will most likely find both wild quail and pheasant.  While we will properly flush any birds found, no birds will be shot over the dog.


High quality dog food
All training fees
All beginning training birds (birds shot for higher training levels are extra)
Flea prevention monthly for spring through fall with 1+ consecutive month of training
Bathing service before the dog goes back home
Training -
$400/month for basic intro to birds

$500/month for most other training services.
Additional services provided at extra cost include supplements, heart and intestinal worming, and additional veterinary services

 Jeanie Andrew, owner/operator


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