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July, 2012

Check out all the latest at Lone Ridge Farm through our newsletter. If you have any information, stories, pictures, etc. you would like to share please send it to me to be included in the next newsletter!
Automatic Waterers
Starting Saturday July 28th

We will be installing automatic wateres in the turnout areas. We are using Ritchie Brand and they will be going into the south and private/new grass pasture and the south, middle, and north lots. We will begin trenching water line work Sat July 28th in the morning. Horses will be able to enter and exit the turnouts but be prepared to deal with construction. Sore turnout may be moved to the outdoor arena or horses may be in their stalls for part of the installation process. Please give Bryan and other workers plenty of room, dont walk your horses over constructions area, and please ask if you need any assistance or have questions about where is appropriate to be.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause during the installation process and we are going to complete installation as quickly and efficiently as possible. There will be several stages to installation and all cannot be completed in one day. As always we will take precautions to make sure horses and people stay safe through installation.

Once installed, the wateres are very easy to clean, will reduce algae growth and debris, keep water cooler in summer and warmer in winter, and there will be no above ground chords to tank heaters in winter. We will always check wateres multiple times daily to ensure they are working properly and monitor the horses to make sure all of them are drinking out of the wateres without any problem. If you have any specific questions please feel free to contact us!

4H And McLean County Fair
Aug 1st-5th

Please come support our 4H members at the county fair this year! We have 5 horses going to fair, two dogs, and many other projects! To find a complete schedule of 4H showing events, go to
Horse info:

4H fair site:

If you have any questions about when someone or a certain event is showing please contact Brooke or Jeanie. We will have members on the fair ground throughout the duration of the fair.
Vizsla Puppies Due
July 28th

Our next litter of puppies from Indy and Conner will be arriving anytime! As always, after the puppies are about a week old we will let visitors come see them and handle the puppies! I always appreciate the great job others do in helping to handle our litters. We will be posting pictures on facebook as soon as they arrive.
Thank you all for being a part of the Lone Ridge Farm community! Check back with us often as we are always making improvements and doing new things.

Jeanie Andrew, owner/operator


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